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Thread: Does anyone eat Nutzo nut butter?

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    Aww. Thanks guys for the input!
    I liked that it was a mix of nuts and seeds with no added sugar. I actually dumped a bit more dark unsweetened cocoa powder in to up the chocolate factor.

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    I went to Whole Foods tonight and coincidentally saw Nutzo on the shelf. Holy crap, that stuff is $20 a jar!
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    The Nutzo looks ok but...

    I looked at similar products at my Publix the other day, and of the ten I picked up, all ten had soy in them.

    So, when branching out from a simple Almond butter staple, my advice is to always read the labels carefully.

    Even at Whole Foods. I got some sunflower butter there when it was on sale and mistook a blurb on the side of the jar to be the ingredients list. I realized later that it had a lot of added sugar. No wonder I found it so incredibly addictive....

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