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    I've had Mark's Daily Apple in my "favorites" for a couple years. I've started Paleo/Primal many times only to eventually fall by the wayside and back into SAD eating. There were some things I needed to learn (and believe) before I could truly embrace Primal eating. 1) Fat is my friend. 2) Wheat was killing me.

    I lost 40 lbs last year following an intermittent fasting regimen. Sounds like a lot but I'm still 50lbs from goal and could no longer sustain the every other day fast. I was hungry all the time, even when I knew I couldn't possibly be hungry. Over the course of this year I re-gained 18lbs, basically doing nothing.

    Eight or nine weeks ago I stopped eating wheat. Period. I believe fully that I am a wheat addict and also am allergic to it. I went through withdrawal. I was teary and unhappy and restless and depressed. I searched the internet for wheat replacements, blogs on how to make almond "bread", coconut drop biscuits, flax seed pizza crust. I even made some of these these things. They were not it. I ate corn torillas, rice crackers, any grain but wheat. Magically after 5 or 6 weeks I realized I didn't care anymore. In fact, I didn't care about the other grains either. This is an amazing realization for me. I don't have to eat grains to be happy. When I lost the wheat, I lost the cravings. All of them. Can I live without white potatoes? Why yes, yes I can! Can I live without the bloat? You bet!

    A few weeks ago I came across a thread on Nutritional Ketosis. I started following that WOE, and logging my calories, carbs, and fats. It wasn't difficult, I could actually do this. I lost three pounds the first week. Since I had already been following a standard low carb diet I didn't get induction "flu" or wheat withdrawals. I feel really good. I upped my fat intake. lowered my carbs and got in at least my minimum protein requirements. I put butter and coconut oil in my coffee. My appetite diminished. I'm no longer starving all the time. I downloaded Mark's 21 Day Transformation to my NOOK. What a great book! I don't know if I can live in nutritional ketosis forever but it's compatible with Primal. I need a good WOE that will allow me to continue to lose weight and feel great.

    I'm still a little nervous about the fat, but I've seen how it helps me to feel full and content. I hope to learn more here about primal living. So I'm back, and this time...I'm a believer... and I'm stayin'.
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