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Thread: low cortisol and low testosterone, body comp

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkr View Post
    You are going off a lot of assumptions instead of checking on facts. ND's are absolutely doctors. In many states, they can prescribe pharmaceuticals. Have you ever bothered to look at the ND curriculum? They have just as much A&P, organ systems, biochemistry, etc. as MD's, nearly as much training in pharmacology and hundreds of hours more in nutrition, neutraceuticals, and herbs. You can look at one college here. There are even ND's that special in endocrinology. If you actually read scientific literature, you'd know that leaky gut is accepted in conventional science. I'll do a kindergarten flow for you: leaky gut > high inflammation > high cortisol production > depleted adrenals and down regulated cortisol receptors.

    Now, OP, do I think this is the only cause of your low testosterone? No. You may have misunderstood your doc in that this may be baseline treatment to get your endocrine system back to optimal functioning and then see where your levels are.
    +1 to above and hes looking at this discussion through the same lense that the public sees the primal diet're CRAZY healthy whole grains are a must! Lol im reading his comments with my primal smirk.

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    People are obviously underestimating NDs, and I think most of America does. Its a shame because I think there are so many people currently seeing conventional doctors that would benefit so much from seeing NDs. I agree that for any kind of trauma, emergency, surgery, or whatever I would go to a conventional doctor. However, when it comes to hormones, lethargy, digestion, and other issues of the gut, I would far prefer a ND. I remember when I was younger going to multiple conventional doctors (gastroenterologists) for issues of constipation, and all three of them said threw fiber and laxatives at me which made me feel awefull. Sometimes, conventional doctors just don't have as wide of a range of knowledge as they need to really help everyone they see.

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    And I have a friend who went to a ND about digestive issues and was told to eat lots of fiber and never eat meat since it was, "so hard on the digestive system." A lot of NDs have drunk the vegan cool aid.

    My point is not to bash one or the other or to say that all of one or the other are perfect, just that they need to be evaluated as individuals.

    I have a great MD here who works for Kaiser and is fully supportive of PB eating and getting people off of as much medication as possible. I'm sorry the OP has had bad experiences with MDs.

    Keep an open mind to all ways of healing. More options that way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    My point is not to bash one or the other or to say that all of one or the other are perfect, just that they need to be evaluated as individuals..

    There is this list... Paleo Physicians Network

    Its unfortunate that there are not more doctors on it.....YET!

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    To the OP...all I can recommend is to make sure you are getting enough quality cholesterol foods like liver and eggs...precursors to hormones.

    Of course low T and cortisol will effect your overall body comp, but there are plenty of female athletes for instance (sorry to use the other gender) that are quite well muscled and fit. Just keep working at it.

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