** I posted this in the Odds and Ends page, but I thought I may get more responses on this forum**

Hey guys,
So I recently went to the doctor for lab work and it turns out I have low testosterone and low cortisol. I'm a 19 yr old male and she said the testosterone levels were that of an aging man. She is a naturopath and loved my diet and lifestyle, and said that it is likely an issue with nutrient absorption in my gut that isn't allowing my adrenals to function properly. So that sucks.

Anyway, I do strength training 4x week and don't really do much cardio or high intensity stuff (which turns out to be a good thing as they stress adrenals more). I eat a lot of red meat, and moderate carbs mostly from root vegetables. While I'm happy with my current weight (5'6" and 165 lbs-- a little high but I have super broad shoulders), my body composition upsets me. I feel like for someone who is young, lifts heavy weight often, and eats super clean, my body composition should be better. Am I wrong to think that my low levels of testosterone and low levels of cortisol are hurting my attempts at having a better body comp? Current body fat is around 17%, and I used to be pretty overweight at about 30% body fat (2+ yrs ago). Also, has anyone fixed either low cortisol or low testosterone and noticed improved body comp? Thanks y'all!