The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a study that claims low fat diet help loose pounds. They encourage eating high carb low fat yogourt etc

Now keep in mind they only lose 1.6 kg but the misinformation and wrong conclusions are amazing.

Low fat diet helps drop pounds, study suggests

From the lead researcher Dr Hooper

"We didn't consider different types of fat in this study," said Dr Hooper. "But cutting down on saturated fat reduces our risk of heart disease and strokes, so the healthiest way to cut down on fat is to cut down on saturated fats."

So we didn't look at fat type but we are going to parrot CW wisdom...sigh.

"This means having low fat milk and yogurt, cutting down on butter and cheese, and cutting the fat off meat. Most importantly have fruit instead of fatty snacks like biscuits, cake and crisps. And remember, this isn't a diet, so don't take it to extremes, but work out a way of eating that you can stick to permanently."

All those snacks are high sugar, high grains and high refined oils...but yea it is the fat not the grain/sugar fault.

I wish I could be paid to do such bad science....sigh.