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Thread: Earthy Mama's Journal (All About Me)

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    Earthy Mama's Journal (And now Pregnant!)

    12/12/12 will be my first day of Primal/Paleo. I cannot wait. I am ecstatic!!

    The past couple years I've done a lot of research on food, nutrition, health etc.. I have been a proponent of natural health since I was a pre-teen, it's just always been my belief that nearly everything can be healed naturally and that it's done with nutrition. I love Hippocrates quote, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food".

    I believe in juicing, I believe in detoxing, I believe in incorporating many components of a raw food diet into my lifestyle and I (obviously) believe in eating Paleo/Primal. Looooooooove meat.

    I have a very small frame, and I'm really short. I was always about 102 and then I gained over 80lbs with my first pregnancy at 19. I stayed home throughout pregnancy and ate EVERYTHING. Lots of cookies and sugars, didn't like veggies or fruit. Lots of bread/meat type stuff.

    After pregnancy I was able to exercise and get myself down to about 120. I felt great b/c I felt skinny, but my body never felt healthy. I got preggo again and went up to around 150 with her (I worked during this pregnancy and didn't eat a bunch of junk food). I have not been able to lose any of the weight. My eating choices have become healthier since having my 2nd daughter (I eat many more veggies now but not nearly enough) and I eat a ton of bread/dairy and overall unhealthy stuff. We ate fast food for a long time there while remodeling our house. My highest weight has been 160 non-preggo and I'm almost there again. I feel grumpy and unhappy and it's just time to change and get healthy. I'm the biggest role model for my children, but I mainly want to do this for ME and that's the biggest thing.

    It's time to be strict with myself and finally stick to this way of eating. I need to learn my triggers (boredom mainly, SAHM) and work towards healthy eating habits. My husband and I really want to try for baby #3 here very soon, possibly this month. Whether pregnant or not, this diet is here to stay b/c it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change (we all know this!).

    Current Stats

    Sex: F
    Age: 26
    Height: 5ft
    Weight: 155
    BMI: 30.3
    Health Issues: Overweight, inflammation (bones hurt), teeth, acne, digestion, bowels, bloating, no energy, mood swings, possible PCOS.


    Not Pregnant: Around 115 and be healthy and happy with no mood swings!

    Pregnant: Weight will not matter, but I hope through eating primal I will lose excess weight that's not needed to sustain the pregnancy and just in general tone up my body for the health of myself and baby. AND, to be healthy and happy and REDUCE mood swings in pregnancy hahaha!

    What I plan on incorporating in this journal
    Weekly measurements and weigh-ins.
    Daily food journal.
    Mood changes/energy levels.
    Exercise Log
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