I admit that I (trying to change it) a chronic cardio. I worked out almost everyday and hard most of the time. I thought more was better. I have dramatically stepped back from that. I lift heavy once or twice a week. I have not done much cardio other than walking. Mostly because I have no choice. I do not have the energy to do more than a light cardio. I have been doing the primal thing for over a month. I have cut out grains completely and try to keep my carb intake around 100g a day. Digestively I feel great. Though I will say nothing else has changed. No weight loss or loss of body fat. I have been an avid cyclist for several years and really enjoy it. I ride with a cycling club on weekends. I have found that I can no longer keep up with them. My heart rate shoots through the roof with little effort. I say no wonder the exercise plan for primal is move slow. I can't sustain anything else. I want to ride with my riding buddies and to feel good when I do like I used to. What's the answer?