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    Hi all I am 2-weeks into a strict paleo lifestyle and am also a competive cyclist. I have definitley noticed a reduction in the amount of volume at intensity that I can do. But that said I am just starting out here. As far as long rides (I typically would do 100+ miles ea. Saturday) with other riders but now only ride with them for 60-70 miles depending on how I feel. I refuse to go back to my previous carb addiction and am willing to accept "moving a little more slowly but often" As far as racing goes I am happy doing criterium races which typically only last around 45 min alot of it in zone 5 or beyond but it's short so I am wilng to deal with it.

    I know my fat metabolization will up-regulate with more time. I have seen almost 5 pounds come off in the two weeks of Paleo. From 158 to 154, 153 lbs. All the better for climbing. I am eating around 50-60 mg of CH daily in the form of veggies only. The first week was really tough for me to not eat muffins, cereal, etc but the cravings are getting less and less. My mood is so much better too!

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    I am also interested in this topic and wonder what additions can be made to diet to help. I don't cycle anywhere near as much as other posters, I commute to work daily, 15km each way. The commute is hilly and although I don't race, some of the uphills get my heart rate quite high, 80-85% max HR.

    I am ok for most of the week but every Thursday or Friday afternoon I am completely shattered, barely able to turn the pedals on the flat and then a sudden hunger overcomes me that makes me want to clean out the fridge when I get home.

    As this is my commute to work I can't exactly tone it down by not doing it.

    Is it as simple as adding paleo carbs to my meals?

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    I mostly hike but in nicer times of the year I cycle commute. I noticed that my ability to keep up with my friends hiking up mountains really suffered for a few months. Eventually I adapted and was able to hike long distances without food, still a little slower, but at least I didn't feel totally wiped out. Eventually I was able to fully keep up and get to the top before my friends. And then even further along in my journey I added back in more carbs and am able to go even faster. I think it's beneficial to force your body to make the adaptation, but the carbs do help performance. The nice thing about making the adaptation for me has been that even though I eat more carbs daily, I can still enjoy not needing to eat on a long hike because I've maintained that metabolic flexibility to access my body fat for fuel. I don't crash anymore like I used to.
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