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Thread: Sir Bruce speaks

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    Sir Bruce speaks

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    Sir Bruce Forsythe:

    "I'm all for older women as long as they don't really look that bad."
    Sir Bruce is 84.

    Bruce Forsyth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Quite why modern society sees younger as better I don't know ... I'm not convinced that hunter-gatherer societies did. I recall one famous psychologist's saying that the age obsession was an American one and pointing to the nursery rhyme about the "old grey goose" -- seeing a preoccupation with old things seen as worn-out and useless in it. I don't know. Evelyn Waugh's The Loved One which shows the inability of many Americans to accept old age and, indeed, death many years ago now might be interesting in this context.

    I suppose this is not unique to the U.S. However. Another land must take responsibility for Sir Bruce. Perhaps it's just the explosive growth of technology in the modern world that drives this. The newest technology is, almost always, the best. People just fail to see that that's not true of eveything.

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    Brucie has always been shit even when he was younger, so your point is?
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    From what I have seen of past cultures (or just the ones I have seen), youth was seen as rich physically. As you aged, that physical wealth was replaced by a wealth of information gathered over the years, so you were still valuable to society, just in a different way.

    I'm not sure how Alzheimer's becoming more common and a reliance on technology that changes daily has colored our view of an elderly person's value, but I doubt it has been for the better.

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    Now how old are we talking about? Soccer mom with two teenagers and an ex husband in Miami old? Or retired and watching "Murder She Wrote" with her 5 cats while knitting old?

    And this is purely from a sexual point of view, as I assume that's what this thread is about. I'm fairly sure early man respected the elders in their tribes, as they were smarter than all the rest of them youngin's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tribal Rob View Post
    Brucie has always been shit even when he was younger, so your point is?

    LOL - yeah he's not the philosopher I'd go to.

    Good point though. We are now expected to claw back the years, moisturise those wrinkles away and make sure our post-baby bodies snap back to pre-pubescent leaness. If you gain weight when you are 50 then you have 'let yourself go'.

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