Hey guys, I've recently become interested in nutrition and didn't realise the consequences on your body diet has.

I regular weight train and eat quite a lot as I'm looking to increase mass.

This was my diet before reading upon nutrition.

3 weetabix and milk. Ribena.
3 eggs and half tin of beans or 2 sausage,beans,waffles,tomato and egg. Capri sun.(work breakfast)

Post work
3 eggs and half tin of beans (just once if no work)
Tea (varied as mum makes but I don't eat chips,pizza etc. I did eat pasta and mince.
3 chicken thighs,broccoli and lettuce or pasta with cheese and sauce.

A lot of Ribena and sometimes milk.

Just to confirm that is my old diet.

My current one is...

Drinks - just water and green tea.

Meal 1 - Cheerios with a little bit of milk.
Meal 2 - work meal same as above but no Capri sun.
Meal 3 - farmed salmon (want wild though), new potatoes and lettuce
Meal 4 - 3 chicken thighs, brown rice/broccoli and lettuce.
Meal 5 - 3 eggs and Half tin of beans.

I also now eat walnuts and take 1000mg fish oil per day.

in my new diet I'm removing eggs because I've had constant bloating for the last few months and I'm unsure where its coming from. I may be allergic to some part of my diet and so ill try cut out eggs for a few weeks.

I'm Also going to try stop eating potatoes because I didn't realise it had so much sugar.

My question is what meal could replace eggs and beans because I need to replace it to maintain my mass progression.

Also is there any part of my diet you think needs tweaking.