Hi im new to this, have had a lot of questions and been trying to learn as much as i can.
anyway, i was just talking to a friend that told me he was putting 3/4 a stick of butter in his morning coffee and eating very little if anything until dinner, which wasnt a big meal either. and said he's lost over 10lbs. so i looked into the bulletproof coffee thing and from what im understanding, its supposed to be a big energy boost in the morning and keep you pretty full the rest of the day.

I'm trying to loose weight, im male, 5'10 normally around 155 and want to get to around 140-145. im currently at about 150-151, and have been kinda stuck here. im usually eating mixed veggies and eggs in the morning and a small amount of fruit. then veggies in the afternoon, and usually some kind of meat(usually chicken or salmon) and some more veggies for dinner. i havent been as active as normal this week so that might be part of my problem. its been about 5 days since i started. dropped the initial 3lbs or so very quickly.

so anyway, first question is, would the bulletproof coffee thing be a good idea for me to try? in my little bit of research its been hard to tell if its a weight loss thing or more of an energy booster. and if so any tips on my daily diet/meals to help with the goal of loosing weight? should i use butter? cream? certain oils?

and my other question is can you do this with tea? i love teas and feel like this would be great with chai and other black teas.

any tips would be great, thanks!