Hi All!

I'm new to this forum, and this is my first post, but I decided to join it because I like how everyone can help with sharing their experiences! So I'm 23, and I recently got a blood test done for thyroid in Germany last month. Because I was only there for a few days, they sent me the results in German! I've tried interpreting them, but I'm not quite sure I understand if the levels are good or not...etc., so your help would be highly appreciated! They said I have autoimmune Hashimoto, however, no medications needed yet!


TSH basal 0.78 U/ml Normal: (0,55 - 4,78)
fT3 3,70 pg/ml Normal: (2,5 - 4,4)
fT4 0,96 ng/dl Normal: (0,9 - 1,76)
Thyreoperoxidase Antibodies 8,4 IU/ml Normal: (1 -16)
TSH receptor autoantibodies <1,27 IU/I Normal: (1,80)
Thyroglubin antibodies 421 U/ml Normal: (<115)
Thyroglubin 0,60 Normal: (<70)
Tg recovery 90% Normal: (70-130)

Also asked for ferritin levels and vitamin D:
Ferritin was 26,2 (normal range: 10 - 120)
Vitamin D was 23,7 (normal range: 30 - 100)

I understand that my Ferritin levels are on the low side, so I am focusing on having an iron-rich diet, as well as taking my iron supplements once a day. For the vitamin D, I am taking 20,000iu once a week (prescribed by doctor).

Now my main concern here is the interpretation of my thyroid results. I have googled each and every one of them, however, I get more & more confused it seems.

- Where do I stand?
- How do I lower my antibodies so that I don't get Hashimoto's (if possible)
- I heard that iodine makes it worse, is this true? My multivitamin has iodine in it, should I switch to an iodine-free multivitamin?
- Is selenium useful in this case? I've read a lot about it lowering antibodies

My doctor wants to see me again in 3 months of a re-test.

Please feel free to add in any useful input you may have on my case.