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Thread: "Strict" Diet - Bad?

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    "Strict" Diet - Bad?

    I disagree with some posts I've seen, where people say it is not "healthy" in a way, to follow the paleo (or any) diet too strictly, and that it will lead to more stress.

    When I eat grains, dairy, or a little too many carbs, I get acne, bloating, dry skin, digestive problems... Is vehemently avoiding these things stressing me out? Hell no, it's just the opposite. Eating these things give me pain, both physical and psychological (e.g. anxiety from acne).

    And I know some are even more "precise" with their diets, calculating both macro and micro nutrients, finding out the specifics, and striving for a "perfect" diet for themselves. Even that, is completely fine. Obviously if someone is doing this, they see/feel a reward from it.

    I imagine those that are against "strict" diets, often have problems with their own indulgences, and can't imagine anyone giving them up without it being painful. And in this way, they sort of rationalize one of their own faults.

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