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Thread: Advice on resistance training?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leonharte View Post
    That's a joke, right? Both are bloody excellent exercises and I'd strongly suggest putting them in whatever routine you come up with.

    I'm much more impressed by someone that can do weighted or one armed pullups or chins than by whatever weight someone stacks onto their barbell curl. They're a hell of a lot more functional.
    ah sorry, should have added italics to clarify meaning. i mean both chin ups and pull ups. pick one or the other, no need for both. you must include one variation though, absolutely.

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    Thanks for the replies everyone.

    I wonder even more specifically what people think about # of sets/reps that are ideal in general and if there are specific variations for specific workouts? I'm pretty keyed in on doing squats, deadlifts, chinups and benchpresses as my main exercises.

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