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Thread: 5 Days and feeling better already...

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    Cool 5 Days and feeling better already...

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    Okay, long story short, I'm 52 years old and feeling it. I've never been very athletic but blessed with good build and until I started gaining serious weight about 7 years ago, for the most part in decent health. With the weight gain came the hypertension and have not been able to shake it since. I mean it is "take me to the hospital" high, all the time. I've never been able to tolerate one BP med nor have they helped but I'm humoring my doc and taking a combo med right now. I'm close to six feet tall and carrying about 230, with a BM of about 35%. So... long story short, I got PB on Saturday from Amazon and read it cover to cover. In terms of food, name it, I eat it. So far I have some of the salient points but the most important one was to stop all processed carbs! No bread, crackers, wheat products etc, pretty much nothing that comes in a box, in a package or wrapper. A little pricey because NYC is expensive if you want to eat decent, $10 for an omelet (which I made at home this morning for about $3.00 if at all), and $10.00 for a Big Ass salad for lunch. I figured out I could make a salad for about the same. Here is the weird thing. Literally within 4-5 days, my brain felt as if a fog had begun to lift.
    But those processed foods are like crack. I go through Grand Central every evening and they have a huge food court and typically I'd get a coffee and a snack on the way home everyday, and this week has been tough because I realized that literally everything they have in that food court is processed in some way or the other unless you want a piece of meat in a napkin.

    So here is a sample day. Yesterday as a matter of a fact.

    Breakfast: 2 Egg omelet w/mozzarella, tomatoes and bacon, banana, coffee (hard time stopping the 5 cups a day and/or espressos)

    Snack: all day long- apples from the Union Square Market

    Lunch: Salad- tomatoes, egg, pistachio nuts, cheddar cheese, cucumbers, onions, chicken- lemon juice dressing

    Dinner: Lamb chops with sauteed asparagus/garlic in olive oil

    No snacks after. Was not in the least bit hungry.

    Weighing in and BP checks to come next week... thank god I don't have to chase my food down like Grok, or maybe that's the problem, eh?

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    Good luck on your journey!

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    Sounds like you're off to an awesome start.
    Welcome to the tribe!!!

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