Very new to the Primal planet, bought a couple of books only yesterday... Anxious to start but also aware of some very real limitatins in the month of December. Do I STARTon Monday knowing this, or ease into it for the next 2-3 weeks, and START in earnest then? If so, what are some realistic guidelines to follow for the next 2-3 weeks? Have tried every diet, pill, exercise and other, with some successes, more failures and am very aware of my shortcoming but also anxious for a lifestyle change I learn to love and that works. I believe I can committ and focus better in 2-3 weeks, but don't want to go off the deep end in the meantime.

Also new to forums and trying to find answers to questions I'm sure someone else has posted so forgive me if this is redundant - please point me in the right direction. Thank You!