Hi. I have been primal for almost 4 months now. I was gluten free for years, and for the past year, grain free except for white rice and potatoes, which I had about once a week. My problem is that since going Primal, I have put on weight, almost 1 kg a month !! And it tends to be fat around my things, hips and bum, and for the first time in my life, I have fat on my stomach.

I have never put on weight, in the past 22 years. I was 46 kg, 5 ft 4 . I now weigh 52 kg and don't like it. The fat, that is.

I have been attending some meetings on primal diet and whenever I mention the fact that I am hungry, or feel nausea or no energy, I was told to eat fat. So I did. Butter, frying in tallow, etc. But instead of burning fat I am getting fat.

I also thought it may be too much protein so have cut back on the nuts, stopped baking coconut flour muffins and almond meal crackers. Also eating less meat, which I never had to avoid before.

I so believe in this diet , as does my husband, but it is scaring me at the moment and I have started dropping the fat and increased my exercise.

I am not doing 3-5 hours slow movement a week. I average only 1-2 hours a week, plus 1 sprint session a week, and about 2-3 20 minute sessions of cardio workout like push ups, squats, etc etc.

Where am I going wrong ?