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I have never done this ,before - respond to a recipe blog. I just got back Montevideo, Uruguay. I was served this delicious savory flan with a white fish. I had to try to imitate it as I enjoyed it so much. My best meal throughout the vacation to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I got to the Internet recipe to search recipe guides and I thought this will do. I used fat free sour cream instead of heavy cream, sautéed onions, green and red peppers, cauliflower and shaved scotch bonnet peppers and added grated Parmesan cheese. Served with pan fried halibut seasoned with lemon pepper. It was delicious with a dry sparkling wine. I am now working out all sorts of recipes sweet and savory to try.
NEVER Fat Free anything!!! Full Fat Sour Cream, or Greek Yoghurt! Remember "Fat is Your Friend!"