I hear many people of you talking on here about how much better you feel because of eating Primal. Ive gotta honestly say that I don't feel it yet. I have lost 19 pounds since I started on Halloween. My current diet is similar to whats below:

3 eggs & Sauteed mushrooms(coconut oil)

BAS for lunch with olive oil and red wine vinegar for lunch

Tonight I will be eating about an 8oz steak and steamed veggies.

Water throughout the day as I get thirsty, take multivitamin, fish oil, and probiotics.

I am a, now, 259 pound 28 y/o male. I have also been following the Primal Fitness pretty closely.

I'm just not feeling the "burst of energy" yet I keep hearing so much about. I still feel fairly run-down and just feel like I cannot get with it. This is not the low-carb flu, that is already done and gone. Can you guys offer any advice or encouragement.