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Thread: Waiting on the Feel Better...

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    Well I found a partial answer to my problem. We have business guests in town today, and when business guests are around....the eating begins. Today, the company ordered in Panera Bread for myself and guests. They did order me a chopped chicken salad, however, I caved to one of my old weaknesses.......their mini m&m's cookie. This is probably the first straight wheat product that I have eaten since the beginning of November. About 15 minutes after eating it i started feeling bloated, sleepy, and just downright run down. I definitely will be going at this with new perspective now.
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    My energy levels really boosted when I started playing about with IF. Funny, I always thought I'd have less energy doing it. I get a lot more done when I do it, all of those 'little' jobs that I keep meaning to do. Brilliant!

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