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Thread: Primal Journal (Ch1katita)

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    Primal Journal (Ch1katita)

    Hi all,
    Nice to be a part of this's how i started; My partner has been a Grok since before we met and at first it all sounded very complex. I tried it for a while, but because of my lack of understanding, gave up very quickly. He has since pointed me in this direction and I decided it was probably best to read the website thoroughly before starting. Well having so much to it, it is going to be impossible so, feeling like I've read enough...... I am ready to Grok (rock...get it?!).

    I have to say this has got to be the best introduction to the ancestral's fun light-hearted and has just enough science in there to understand it. I used to be addicted to solitaire and bejewelled (sad I know and not good for the brain I'm sure!), but now I can't stay away from this website, so much to read up on and understand and always new things going on! I've even got my mum involved!

    Anyway, less waffle...

    Day 1 (pre PB shop so not fully over the bad stuff as yet)
    Food intake:
    Breakfast- banana, blueberries and 2 dessert spoons of pro biotic coconut yoghurt
    Lunch - broccoli and Stilton soup - tesco carton
    Snack - 6 rice cakes
    Dinner - turkey, spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower with some peri peri chip sprinkle
    Drinks - 1 tea with milk, 3green teas, 1 moroccan tea, 1 sleepy tea and 2 glasses water

    Exercise -walk to work and back 25 minutes approx (need to remember to time this at some point)

    Sleep last night - approx 9 hours

    Weight - 78.4kgs / uk clothes size 16 (I was going to say a 14, but having asked my partner to take a few starting photos so I can track progress, I realised I don't fit the clothes that I'm wearing).
    Pictures attached are of me now. Watch this space.....
    Goal - 65kgs / uk clothes size 10 ish

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