Hey everyone! So I've been researching Paleo/Primal A LOT this past year. I just finished Sisson's "21 Day Total Body Transformation", and I'm currently half way through the Primal Blueprint.. They both ROCK so far and my knowledge on this field is skyrocketing compared to when I was just looking up internet articles. I have a question though; ever since I began reading his books, I'm learning a lot more about the scientific-technical side of things, and I just recently found out that insulin spikes will cause you to store any dietary fat/some protein/excess carbs as body fat.. I've been Primal for about a week and a half now, but I just realized how important it is to up my fat consumption, so about 3-4 days ago I started jacking up my fat intake from around 40-70g per day, to 120g+ per day (I'm a 5'11, 145lb, 20 year old male for those wondering).

I woke up yesterday with low energy, and slept a VERY long time, and I figured my carbs were too low, because my fat intake was definitely high enough to provide a fat adapted person energy (I don't think I'll be properly fat adapted for another 1-2 weeks). I've been mostly avoiding fruit and unknowingly (due to lack of attention) staying in the keto range, probably around 30-50g of carbs. So, I'm now going to begin including fruit, and aim for about 80-100g carbs, but im wondering : will me eating fruit (low/moderate glycemic index types) such as apples, berries, apricots, etc, cause enough of an insulin spike to store my macronutrients as body fat? If so, should I wait an hour or so after a meal before consuming this fruit, and would it be wise to refrain from eating a tbsp of coconut oil while also eating an apple so it doesn't get stored right away? Could I continue eating 2-3 pieces of dark chocolate with a handful of macadamia nuts, or will the sugar from the chocolate cause me to store away the fat from macadamias? Is there a certain amount of glucose that will cause me to store away fat, or will ANY amount of glucose in my meals cause my insulin to store away fat?

(Also, I'm not overweight at all.. But I would like to get as lean as possible while experiencing maximum amounts of energy)

Sorry for the loaded question!! Anyone that could shed some light on this topic would be a huge help!

Thank you