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Thread: Another rant about Doctors who know almost nothing....

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    Another rant about Doctors who know almost nothing....

    Over the past few years I suspected I was having trouble with my thyroid. To cut a long story short I have been diagnosed with Hashimotos.

    I have moved countries and have finally found a doctor who is on the same page as me - as in optimising my thyroid through nutrition/supplements - but also looking at my adrenals and other hormone levels.

    This all got me thinking and researching about Hashimotos in children. I was a "roundish" 10 and 11 year old girl at school but ate the same as my sisters and was active on my horses etc. I am 5 cms shorter than them. I also read that Hashimotos occurs most commonly in 10 and 11 year old girls due to changing hormones.

    My daughter is the spitting image of me at 11 years old. So I decided to get her tested for Hasimotos. I didn't take her to my doctor because it takes ages to get to see him and I knew what bloods for thyroid testing to ask for (TSH, Free T3 and T4, TGA and TPO antibodies).

    So I walk into this doctors office and explained I'm gluten intolerant and gluten is the reason my thyroid is being attacked (auto immune issues) - she just looks at me blankly and says "oh so you are a coeliac". I said No. I'm gluten intolerant and I believe my daughter is too.

    So we went around and around - Doctor "well we will take a blood test for Coeliac". I said "No - she has no coeliac symptoms except constipation sometimes - which is probably due to her thyroid - it will be negative. I would like her gene tested for gluten intolerance". She called 3 doctors in the practice to ask what the gene tests are - and they all knew nothing (I couldn't remember the exact name of them but have since looked it up on google and found they look for two genes called HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8).

    Sure enough she put the wrong test on the form and surprise, surprise my daughter has no antibodies showing for coeliacs. But there was no gene testing done!!

    So sure enough I get the blood tests results back and she has some TGA antibodies showing - not high - but they are still there. Her TSH is 1.5 which regular thinking is considered OK - her free T3 and T4 are also in the range - but I KNOW there is something wrong.

    So I go back and ask the doctor what she recommends as because my daughter has antibodies present means her thyroid is under some sort of attack - even though the number is lowish. She said "Oh we wont do anything at the moment - just keep an eye on it - come back in a few years". So I said "So you can't give me any advice to stop her immune system attacking her own body". And she just looked at me blankly... So I advised her that she should be recommending a gluten free diet, with supplementation of vitamin D and Selenium, zinc and magnesium - at the very least, and that the advise would be the same for any one of her patients with an auto-immune issue. I advised her only about a third of gluten intolerant people are coeliacs and she should be learning more about it. She got all defensive after that but I don;t care. These people are incompetent.

    So I am off with her results to see my doctor because I have an appointment next week anyway. I don't need the gene tests done - the fact that I have the genes and she is showing TGA antibodies is enough evidence for me... Gluten free for her as well (and in black and white for her father to see so he won't continue to feed her gluten because "a little bit is ok" grrrr).

    I am just so amazed that here is a young girl struggling with her weight and the pressures from peers that come with that - and they are just going to let me walk out the door telling me nothing is wrong and to do nothing except the watch what you eat and exercise more. (Shes a kid FFS - plays hockey, we eat well - she is doing nothing different to her brothers).

    So I'm going to me more diligent with getting vitamin D and the other supplements into her (her bloods show she is slightly low in D) and see what my doctor says next week. Everything I have read said a healthy thyroid TSH should be under 1 - and shes higher than that.

    But when are these incompetents with a medical degree going to get with the program?? I'm just so bloody angry.
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