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Thread: Soft/ Liquid Diet after After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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    You should be fine with anything that isn't too tough/crunchy as long as you chew carefully on the other side by this evening. I had all of mine removed at once and was eating steak the same night, but I'm kinda hardcore that way. I was also 17 at the time and from what I understand it can be a bit rougher when you're older. Anyhow, spaghetti squash with a red sauce/ground beef, baked sweet potato with butter and cinnamon, broiled fish, that kind of thing. First day you might want to stick to really soft foods but after that you'll probably be really hungry.

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    After my wisdom teeth removal I lived on a couple cans of tuna blended with some horseradish, egg whites, tomato paste and chili peppers.

    I had horrible week with wisdom teeth as I manged to somehow get an infection despite being super-careful, so I am for as much care as possible.
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