I haven't been around here long, but I've been adventurous with food during the past few months. I've made sauerkraut and kombucha. Besides grass-fed meat, I've eaten whole roasted chicken hearts and have been playing around with other offal. I've made bone broths and have been adding copious amounts of self-rendered bacon/beef/pig/chicken fat to meals. I've made my own salad dressings with raw egg and real anchovies. Raw dairy, milk, cheese, and cream, are stuffed in my fridge. All forms of coconut are my friends.

I've gone to chain restaurants and expensive restaurants since "going primal" and...the food is generally tasteless. Except for the time I ordered foie gras (I wasn't paying the bill), I've been pretty underwhelmed. Foie gras is awesome, btw. But even when I ordered steak (or veal) the meat was like chewing puffed cardboard.

When we were staying with family over Thanksgiving my aunt made steak for dinner because I had requested it in advance (she likes it too) and, as is my custom, I started munching on the strip of fat on the edge of my piece. The fat, I swear, tasted like rancid vegetable oil. Yuck. Turkey day at my mother's was also a gastrointestinal disappointment. It didn't help that I was constantly having to navigate my way around the Country Crock and Miracle Whip (which are not just unhealthy, but taste terrible). But the turkey was not just bland (which was to be expected) but the carcass looked positively ill. My mom offered to boil it up and bring over the turkey soup the next day and I nicely declined. No, I don't bone broth soup from a bruised and sick bird.

Is this the way "normal" people usually eat? I'm just trying to wrap my mind around it. No wonder sugar and sugary sauces are so common, they give the taste buds something to taste.

Yes, I know "foodie" restaurants exist, that serve actual food. But the vast majority of people don't eat at those places or eat that food. All they eat is bland food, that tastes like nothing or tastes like vegetable oil. Sad.