I've posted before about the struggles I'm going through trying to help my husband lose weight and get his health under control.

I read Good Calories, Bad Calories, and finally on page four hundred and thirty something I ran across some information that answers all the dilemnas, my husband has hyperinsulinemia.

He had blood work done a few months ago which showed hyperglycemia and borderline hypertension and moderately high cholesterol. The doctor gave him a diet plan, which I promptly threw in the trash (Nestle powdered milk? Who makes these things???).

When I read to my husband the pages in GC,BC he nearly started crying. It explains why he was thin when he smoke cigarettes, why he gained after he stopped, why a meal of bacon&eggs, goose, or other fatty meats left him feeling "starving" 20 mins later, why he has random bouts of hypoglycemia and palpitations, and why he craved breads and sugary things constantly. Like Taubes says, my husband knew that he was overweight, and that he needed to eat less, but he was always hungry, and being constantly hungry is not a happy life.

I've been doing some researching, and even CW prescribes a low-carb / high-protein diet for this condition. We had already been planning on following the Eat Fat, Lose Fat Health Recovery plan, and will be starting that tomorrow (with some small modifications).

But, without eating carbs, the excess insulin is not assuaged, so to speak. In GC, BC the clinician who studied this said that the carb cravings would continue until they suddenly stopped, but that this happened twelve to eighteen months after starting the lc/hp diet. Will my husband really have to suffer through a year of feeling hungry before this is resolved?

One site says that people who hyperinsulinemia are normally low in magnesium and Vit D. We moved to south Florida, so I'm hoping the Vit D is getting taken care of. He's been taking magnesium off and on for a few months after a friend bought him some MagOx after one of his hypoglycemia attacks. I bought some mag citrate today, so I'm hoping that will help too. Will also be adding cinnamon to all his tonics and smoothies as much as possible since that is supposed to help regulate insulin levels.

The diet we'll be following is in the next post. I've modified the EFLF plan to cut out the oatmeal, even gluten-free and soaked it's too many carbs.

If anyone has had experience dealing with hyperinsulinemia, please feel free to comment and give advice. This may be a pretty rough few weeks coming up...