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Thread: Hyperinsulinemia - htg

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    I don't know what most of that stuff means, but the doctor pointed out -

    Glucose, Serum is high, 128 is well above the range of 65-99
    Bun/Creatinine Ratio is high, 20 is just above the range of 8-19
    Sodium, Serum is high, 145 is just above the range of 134-144
    Vitamin D is low, 31.5 is on the bottom end of the range of 30-100

    A diagnosis of hyperinsulinemia requires different tests, I think
    A simple, inexpensive, shorthand way to diagnose insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia is a fasting serum insulin and a c-peptide level. In the pancreas, when insulin is made, it starts out as two fragments attached to each other by a connecting peptide called c-peptide. When this molecule comes out of the pancreas, two pieces split off the c-peptide, to form regular insulin, and the insulin and c-peptide exist separately. For each molecule of insulin made, a molecule of c-peptide is made, so that high insulin secretion by the pancreas is associated with high c peptide levels. If fasting serum insulin is high (greater than 20), or if c-peptide is high (greater than 4.6), then it is very likely that insulin resistance syndrome is present. This can occur with normal blood glucose or commonly in type 2 diabetes, with high blood glucose, can lead to the insulin resistance syndrome.
    I don't see insulin or c-peptide levels in the test results, unless they're there under a different name. Is this something we would need to ask the doctor to run separately?

    The doctor's interpretation of the results, btw, was that the high levels were because my husband is overweight, and told him to cut the red meat and eat more soy. Obviously, we aren't taking that advice.

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    To update-

    We've been following the diet pretty well. Been "re-running" some days to use up what's in the fridge and to fit our schedule.

    But last night we hung out with friends and went out to eat with them. "cheats" were some crackers (with cheese), some rye bread (ended up eating at a Jewish deli place), and we split a flour-less chocolate cake. I also had some potato latkes (Jewish deli place, so duh).

    I was stuffed, and am skipping breakfast this morning. But, as I found out this morning, my husband was "starving" this morning, and woke up early this morning hungry, and polished off the tub of yogurt in the fridge (about 1-and-half cups whole milk yogurt, and probably some raw sugar&stevia in it). He has realized that breads and sugars really do make him hungry, and, he said, he realized last night that breads and sugars don't taste very good, and leave an odd taste in his mouth, whatever that means.

    I made him a thick piece of pork belly and 3 scrambled eggs for breakfast. Hopefully that will solve his carb-hunger.

    He is still taking random swigs of milk. I keep telling him to stop, because I'm afraid the lactose may trigger his sugar cravings. He doesn't believe me that milk has a sugar in it (it ends in "-ose" doesn't it!), and I'm having a hard time finding out whether lactose itself will trigger insulin spikes.

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