Here's the background: I & my DH are college educated seniors with a bent to reading new science. In addition to eating well (I've lost a lot of weight and greatly improved my health with diet), we also use bioidentical hormones prescribed by an anti-aging doc in another city who we see twice yearly.
Alas, our local doc thinks that we should be eating a low fat, "good grains" diet because our total cholesterols & LDLs are above "normal". He also thinks we should take a statin, which we have refused to his dismay. He is also disapproving of our seeing the anti-aging specialist, even though it has contributed to our wellness and well-being. He also feels we should be seen "regularly" (i.e. 3 moth intervals) in his office which we think is unnecessary since we are well. (I may be old-fashioned, but I grew up in a family where you saw a doctor if you were sick). We eat a primal diet 90% of the time, take supplements, workout w/weights 3x a week and walk on other days.
While I think I have to dump this doc, I have little hope of finding someone local who will not give me the same CW lectures, yet I feel we really should have a local physician with hospital privileges in case of a serious illness or accident.
How does one find such a doctor? Do they exist?