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Thread: Need gift suggestions for a runner

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    get her a pair of Injinji socks (they have toes). Super comfy and quite the conversation piece. I use them because I run far and my toes rub together causing blisters. I also highly recommend you order her a ROAD ID, it provides some peace of mind knowing medical folks will know who to contact and what ailments or allergies she has in the event that she is injured while running.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miscellangela View Post
    Thanks guys! I took rockrunner's suggestion and went with the Swiftwicks since she did ask for socks, after all. I have to admit, these socks are pretty exciting. Not as exciting as my Angry Birds socks, which came in a pack of six with a different character on each foot so you can do Angry Birds with your feet (which I do, 'cause we don't get out much), but pretty exciting nonetheless. If they're as good as all the reviews say they are, she'll love them.

    Thanks again!
    I'm glad you went with the socks. I honestly have different socks for winter vs summer running. It makes a huge difference whether I get blisters or not.

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