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Thread: What are some good "primal" snacks for cube dwelling IT guys?

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    Pepperoni slices
    Yes, the real Dirk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rimam1 View Post
    Ok, so I'm starting to rethink my reliance on edamame, greek yogurt, and sprouted bread as a healthy snack option. It's too bad because I kept these high protein items at work to keep me from snacking on the cookies, brownies and chips my coworkers bring in.

    I'm also starting to workout (high intensity intervals with strength training) and know that I need to eat lots of protein to build muscle.

    The question is, what can I eat that easily can be kept at my desk (or fridge)?

    *hard boiled eggs (I already eat these after working out)

    Anything else?

    Coming from a guy that mans desks 12-16 hours a day staring at terminal screens for my primary job (9 hours) I simply don't eat while I'm there and when people bring me cake or cookies I tell them I'll save it till lunch and cover it with a paper towel then toss it in the trash as soon as no one is paying attention, when I come home and am handling private business with clients of my own I just dip into the kitchen with a notebook/netbook/iPad and cook something.

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