Hey everyone, im new here, just thought this would be a good place to learn some things about my diet.

Im 24, 5'10 155ish lbs. basically, i need to drop 10 pounds, maybe 15, i race motorcycles and I was told i need to get my weight down to 140-145. its very easy for me to stay around 150-160. i can go weeks eating crap and doing nothing and not go much over 160.(though its been years since i actually have done that) I exercise a lot and eat pretty well.

i just recently, maybe 2 weeks ago started messing with eating a lot less breads and grains, and basically replacing them with vegitables. i started out making juice with my juicer in the morning, id do a grapefruit, an orange, about 3 large carrots, maybe an apple, and maybe some random leafy vegitables, i change it up a bit. id also make a breakfast with 1 egg, 1 egg white, and mix it with peppers broccoli etc.. throughout the day id eat random vegitables fruit and nuts, then either lean mean or steamed veggies or lentil/veggi soup. i dropped 5 lbs in a week, but i cant maintain that diet. i like eating too much.
after the week, i had to travel for 3 days, between eating reasonably there, a b-day party(lots of cake) when i got back, and one more day of eating breads and random stuff. i was back up 5 lbs. now 3 days ago, i started easing back into that same diet. this time i have my juice in the morning, eat some random fruit, maybe a few nuts. and eat a little bit of fruit, veggies, nuts throughout the day, BUT im allowing myself one "treat" per day. by treat i mean bread product, its been a poppyseed muffin each day so far. (I am freaking obsessed with muffins! probably my single favorite food) and im planning on doing one "reward" meal a week. so like a burger and fries for dinner or whatever.
anyway, im back down 4 lbs in 3 days. so so far its working. my hope is that i can actually keep this diet long term. like basically switch my entire diet over forever basically. id like veggies and fruit to take place of the bready (except muffins) and not so good foods i normally eat. i have 3 months to reach my required weight so ive got plenty of time

id just like some advice, ive been really liking this primal diet thing people are doing. for me it would be nearly impossible to follow a strictly lean meats, raw fruits and veggies type diet. i travel quite a bit, im in hotels on average 2 weeks out of every month. this means hotel breakfast and eating out at restraunts every night. i usually have a banana with peanut butter, maybe an english muffin with PB, whatever other fruit they have, and whatever im served for lunch. then i try to get chicken or fish for dinner. its definitely a pretty healthy diet on the road as well, but with some not so great foods thrown in.

im looking for advice at home, mostly ways to keep this diet going very long term. so far this fruit, veggies, lean meat with a small treat a day has been working. but if there are any bready, grainy, sweet type foods that are actually healthy and i could eat more of it would help soooo much. im willing to cook/bake it. my sister makes these healthy bran muffins and these Flax & Oat Breakfast Power Muffins. both of which are awesome. so maybe something like that that i could throw in on top of my daily "treat"

the other thing, is that on top of loosing weight, i need to be really physically fit. and i build muscle pretty easy. most riders you see arent big bulky strong guys, but basically like jockeys, and thats about where i need to be. so my diet and exercise need to reflect that. ive worked with trainers and despite what i tell them i end up with a muscley bulky build. and either gain or make it very hard to loose weight. i need a very lean, no excess build.

sorry that was so long but any advice would be awesome!