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Thread: completely switching my diet long term? need help!

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    got another question, how about sausage, bratwurst etc?? one of my favorite breakfasts is to mix sausage, eggs, peppers, and other veggies.

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    A perfect primal breakfast

    Just try and get the sausages from the best source you can, I can get them from an organic butcher who doesn't add additives, sugar and flour.

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    I'm no expert or anything, but 140-145lbs at 5"10 seems a bit on the light side. I understand it's for the purpose of motorcycling, so you want to optimize your weight relative to that, which may not be an optimization for optimum health. Given that, I think a diet with a calorie deficit (80-90% of what you'd normally need) and high in fat, low in carb could work in combination with less weight/resistance training as you bulk pretty easily (poor you ). How much calories you should eat is a matter of tweaking. And I'd do a high carb meal the night before matches.

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