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    Working out sleep deprived?

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    Anybody know if it's bad? Every week I have a day where I crash into either day schedule or night schedule. Is it okay to do my workout on those days?
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    for me it throws off my hunger signals and I would overeat...I would opt to nap instead!
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    Is this seriously a question?

    Sleep is needed to regenerate certain parts of the body, especially the brain, so that it may continue to function optimally.

    Can I ask why you would think it's a good idea to work out while your body is deprived of sleep?

    No matter how motivated you are, theres no reason to think its a good idea to work out while your body wants and needs rest.

    If you just mean "tired" then thats different. At the end of the day, it depends on how your body feels.

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    I work out after a night shift, then I go to bed. Costs me a little bit of sleep but not really bad. If I didn't, I wouldn't get in enough days.

    If it is a long stretch, I can lift but not run.

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    I've been sleep deprived for over 400 days, I stil work out, this is what happens when you have a child that dosn't sleep well.

    I am really starting to feel it though, weight loss is very slow, very run down, lots of colds, low energy, moody, oh what I wouldn't give for just one night a week of shit sleep
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    I think your body will tell you whether it's right to work out or not - and we're all different. I sleep for around 5 hours a night and feel lethargic if I get much more.

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    If I have a bad night of sleep or two I still do my workout. At this point in my life I realize it's not a problem. It happens. It happened sometimes while I was hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. I could still put in my 30 miles the next day, although I might be falling asleep a little bit while I walked.

    Chronic sleep deprivation is another problem completely.
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    I agree with sbhikes and others who've commented that it's okay to still do it. It's not ideal, and you may see some effects on your performance, but I don't think working out tired now and then is the end of the world. I find it's very easy to look for reasons not to go to the gym, and if I start skipping workouts because I'm short on sleep or whatever, then that tends to snowball. Of course, if you feel really crappy, go home and rest, but if you're just a bit overtired, then I can't see a big problem.
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    Personally I avoid it. <6hrs sleep is no workout day (following Robb Wolf's recommendation) except when I do an after work nap. Being sleep deprived already entails your body has a lot of stress hormones flowing around, doing a workout in that state ups that even more. Sleep is as much part of working out as food. But hey, we'll never live ideal lives so when it occurs once a week and the rest of your week's sleep is good, and you don't feel bad doing it don't worry that much about it (given you don't have any autoimmune, inflammation, digestive, injury issues).

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    you can listen to your body on this one. if it takes every last effort to force yourself into the gym, yeah - don't go.

    our bodies are pretty damn resilient, a lot more than people act like around here. fwiw, i've worked out sleep deprived, and i've also lost weight during periods where i was chronically sleep deprived.

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