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Thread: Still not feeling right

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    Still not feeling right

    Hi everyone,

    I am hoping I can find a bit of support here and maybe someone can shed some insight.

    I was primal/paleo until recently, and had been doing the diet throughout my pregnancy. I gave birth in June this year. My daughter breastfeeds, and is sensitive to eggs, nuts and all dairy.

    I cut these out, which left me with veggies and meat.

    For several months now, I have been experiencing "wetness" in my ears, clicking sounds and post nasal drip. I also have horrible gas after eating pretty much anything. I did some research and thought I possibly had candida. I started to follow a diet with no sugar at all, got a lot of "die-off" and my ears and gas did get a little better, but as a breastfeeding mother, I just couldn't sustain the diet. I think I benefited from it, but it was just too hard. I tried switching to the SCD diet, which was even harder, in a way, trying to find out which foods made my ears feel worse. I have concluded that FODMAPS seem to make it worse, but it's still not very clear to me because I just have gas after eating everything.

    This week I have been desperate, and have just been eating oatmeal. My milk has come back with a vengeance (my supply was low). Gas is just the same as it was before, seems I have it no matter what, so I sort of just think well why am I even bothering doing paleo? I was seriously craving calories, and my husband (who was also doing paleo) had dropped to 130lbs (he's 6ft). We were both starving all the time, and I was always feeling crappy with digestion issues and ear trouble. Since starting with (soaked) oatmeal, I have got less energy and my old knee ache is coming back.

    I just don't know what to do. I need to feel full or I get cranky and everyone suffers, and my husband has to gain weight. I also have to find a way to sort out my digestion. It feels like I have messed it up by changing my diet so much. I just really want some advice about how to proceed for us to both feel well again. Bear in mind that I can't eat any of the normally ok primal stuff like eggs, full fat dairy, nuts... It's hard to get enough calories without being bored to death and thus failing because the diet is so boring.

    Edit- I wondered, also, if my digestion has been affected by the fact that I had my appendix removed aged 15. I read that the appendix is a source of probiotics. I also took accutane as a teenager, and have had many many courses of antibiotics. SIBO?)
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