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Thread: Help me add Masala Chai to a cake

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    Help me add Masala Chai to a cake

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    I want to make this cake,
    Mexican Chocolate Coffee Cake | The Paleo Mom
    but instead of cayenne, I want to add masala chai flavor. What's the best way to do that - premade chai tea bags, mixed in or steeped in some ingredient, or should I just add spices, and what amounts?
    I'm not an experienced cook, thanks for helping.

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    i make a GF version of that with our indigenous pepper tree. the recipe i use which i adapted uses liquid. milk from memory. so i replaced that with a decoction of pepper tree leaves. the recipe you linked to doesnt use any additional liquid you could steep your chai in. plus i reckon that would make a way too subtle taste. depending on how strong you want the chai flavour to come thru, i would head towards using spices. there are lots of chai from scratch recipes here you could use to give you ideas on spice blends but obviously think about the fact they need to be in a cake so need to be powdered.
    Chai! - Recipes another possibility would be to macerate the spices including the whole ones in the coconut oil. so you would warm it gently with the spices in and somehow keep it warm but not boiling hot for a while to get the flavours out.

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