I donít know why but I just spent some time reading the American Diabetes Association website (American Diabetes Association Home Page - American Diabetes Association) and now Iím all spun out. I donít have any family suffering from Type II Diabetes but Iím savvy enough in the ways of paleo/primal to know itís a lifestyle disease that can be avoided and usually cured in those that already have it.

Iím not an angry person and I think this is my first rant here on MDA, but it just pisses me off. I looked through all of the food and nutrition parts of the website and itís all whole grains and low fat. Theyíll start a paragraph with something that sounds great such as limiting carbs is a smart thing to do and choosing whole foods is preferable. Then they totally derail into the whole grain abyss.

And they want money for everything. They want you to buy their books. They want you to donate money. Why? Because thereís no money in having someone eat paleo/primal and curing themselves. Thatís why! Got diabetes? Eat some whole wheat bread. Drink diet soda. And donít you dare eat chicken skin. Seriously how do these people sleep at night?

Sorry. I hope I didnít offend anyone. I admit Iím not an expert. I donít know what itís like to have this awful disease. It just makes me mad because this organization is supposed to be helping sick people. Rant over.