Greetings all,

I'm a newbie and loving it (primal, not being a newbie)

I am three weeks in and feeling great, dropping fat and all of that shizzle. I am eating when my body tells me it would like food and I've not had any cravings. It's all been 100% primal so far (with a little almond milk slip)

My day is like this;
7am, get up and have yoghurt, berries, nuts and seeds. Do a lot of manual lifting and pushing of barrows in mud, walk dogs.
10am I'm hungry! Had chicken bone broth with kale and green beans. Go and ride some horses.
1pm. Hungry again! hunk of stilton, bacon and eggs, handful of sprouts (yes, raw. I was waiting for my bacon) Go out and clean paddocks of poo (not mine) and put horses to bed. More pushing of barrows in mud type stuff.
4pm. Handful of nuts, small piece of cheese. Workout 40 mins (weights and planky type stuff)
7pm. Bowl of bolognese with buttered broccoli. Strawbs and double cream for afters.
10pm. Sleep. (very well!)

I get that if I'm losing fat and I have lots of energy then things are tip-top. I totally get that. But I keep reading about folk eating, like, twice a day! I honestly can't imagine doing that. Will I get there? How long will it take? How long is the proverbial piece of string, right?!

I don't count calories, I don't weigh myself. I don't do MFP for ratios. It all sends me mad. Should I start? Gaaaah!