Why would people roast a chicken, when you could roast a goose?

Why would people roast a turkey, when you could roast a goose?

Nearly all the meat is dark, and covered in a thick layer of fat under the skin, making it all super moist. No more super-secret brining tricks trying to impart flavor to sand.

No, seriously, I cooked goose the other night, and I'm in love. So is my husband, who thinks chicken and turkey are some of the most awful kinds of meat on the planet.

Stuffed some celery inside the bird, threw the giblets and neck off the side, cooked for a few hours inside my crock-pot insert (in the oven), ate dinner, put the crock-pot in the crock pot, covered with water, done.

Though when I picked through the carcass last night I found the neck, two hearts, and a kidney. I'm pretty sure that my goose did not come from Gallifrey, so that's a bit of a puzzle.