I've been eating fully primal now for just under 3 weeks now and I'm feeling great! I've discovered I don't react well to dairy or legumes (through separate inclusions), and over the last couple of days also discovered that I feel much better and have lots of energy by simply eating a good protein/fat breakfast - something I haven't been doing for the last 12 months (IF 16/8).

My sleep has massively improved, I'm going to bed earlier and waking up earlier, feeling nice and refreshed (previously waking up late and rushing out the house). I no longer feel hungry in the late afternoon/early evening, simply eating 3 good sized protein/fat and carb (evening) meals a day. I'm cooking new and interesting meals every day, learning to cook properly rather than obsessing over macros or calories.

I guess the purpose of this journal is to continue noting down my progress with a primal way of eating, how it affects my training (combination of heavy weights, circuits and low intensity exercise), and my body composition/weight now that I'm no longer fasting daily (16/8). I may consider the odd fast here and there, depending on my schedule, whether that's simply skipping breakfast or more of a whole day fast (there is some pretty interest research out there!).