Hi guys ,

I am new to the forum, and delighted to be here. I am halfway through reading the primal blueprint, and loving the effect it is having.

I have been experimenting with IF ing for the last 2 weeks going from 16 hr fasting to 20 hr fasting twice maybe 3 times a week.

I am fat adapted to some point as i;
can train hard for 3/4 hours on mtb fasted and i dont use carbs for rec
i dont really like carbs any more, they dont do it for me.
i do still have a bit of a sweet tooth but thats more related to stress. I am trying to ween myself of sweets with a few squares of dark choc 85% with strawberries and crem frais 3/4 times a week. Not ideal but definitely better than a big ice cream binge.

The hunger does not bother me but,

I have no concentration and i would be irritable. This is a pain at work, when i have zero motivation!

It is definitely working, i have lost weight and my skin feels tighter.

I dont train went i fast other than my wake up routine (i do this 3 days per week)which is
20min zone 1 - recovery pace on rollers
And 10 min of stretching, maybe 2/3 sets of pull ups.

Then on normal days i do
2 midweek fasted 1.5 hr intense turbo sessions
2 3 hour fasted mtb spins - one controlled z 1-2 and one spin where i ride aggressive throughout

Does anyone else feel like this when fasting?

What is the best time to begin a 24 hr fast?

Am i better off doing the easier 16/18 hr fasts for a few months twice a week and building my self up?

Is there a IF "finish line"? I mean should it ultimately just be a normal weekly thing to do having say 15 meals per week as opposed to the 21 meals (breakfast/lunch/dinner x 7 days)

Has anyone ever done a 1.5 hr tough workout on turbo while fasred?

Are these sensations normal or do they pass as i get better keto/fat adapted?