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Thread: Very informative protein areticle page

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    Very informative protein areticle

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    I have been contemplating a concerted effort to increase my protein intake, likely via supplementation. However, this article has made me seriously reconsider:
    Protein intake for maximum muscle mass

    After sifting through opinion-piece after opinion-piece, I found it quite helpful.

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    What the article did not consider is protein intake in a calorie deficit...

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    The article is correct in saying that the dangers of eating too much protein have been overstated (i.e. nonexistent IMO). So in all I can agree....if you wanna add "mass" then eating a caloric surplus will likely supply you with adequate protein without supplementation being necessary. Heck I get over 120grams a day and that puts me at about 1.5g/kg (I'm 160 lbs so I'm guessing here) without need to supplement. But, I am not in a caloric deficit either. As Gorbag points out that changes things.....

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