Hi everyone,

I recently started a grain-free, refined sugar free bakery South Florida, called Sweet Revolution, a few months ago and so far the business is doing great making products that many people don't even realize is grain-free until I tell them.

I got tired of seeing all those amazing innovative treats on TV and only being able to find the same old cookie, bread and cake flavors we are all used to. So I decided to make innovative grain-free treats using as much local and organic ingredients as I can get my hands on. I make paleo not primal (we don't use any milk product) cupcakes, cookies, loaf cakes, muffins, doughnuts and whatever else strikes my fancy. I work with many families that have food allergies so there is never any artificial dyes and all of my chocolate is soy-free.

To tempt you here is an idea of past offerings: chocolate pomegranate cupcakes, pumpkin doughnuts, lemon loaf, chocolate chip whoopie pie, cookie dough cupcakes & mayan spice brownies. Also for the holiday's there are now two wonderful, hand decorated gift boxes.

Check my little online bakery out at Innovative gluten-Free Bakery and let me know what you think. I recently started shipping across the entire US!

Best Wishes,