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Thread: 3 Weeks primal lacking energy during workouts, what's up? Help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaeVynn View Post
    also, fat gives you energy, not carbs. Try increasing your ratio of fat - good saturated fats, like grass-fed butter, pork, and beef fat... and fatty fish.

    Starch/carbs are great for recovery, to restore glycemic levels after working out. Not for providing energy for workouts.
    Yeah, I guess that's the reason why so many elite athletes and sports people eat fat for energy when competing or working out, rather than the old fashioned sugar drinks that doesen't work at all! And before competing in tour de france the professional cyclists load up on huge amounts of fatty food instead of pasta, bread and potatoes...

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    I am going to continue with the fats, it just goes against all the CW I have adhered to for years, and used to work for me, but not anymore. Even in the area of weight loss, my body just became so unwilling to let the fat go the CW way, and in the now 4 weeks that I've gone primal (I just looked at my calendar this morning and realized) I've lost 6 pounds!!!! Since January up until 4 weeks ago, I have been only able to lose 9. Of course I lost inches, but there was always that stubborn fat. And this is doing 3 rounds of P90X, a month of Insanity, and running thru the spring and summer!! I LOVE BEING PRIMAL!!!!!!! My stomach is flat, you can see my obliques, my arms look more defined. This is just so cool, and I get to eat all these yummy foods!!!!!

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