On the advice of my osteopath I recently started taking fish oil supplements as a treatment for my scoliosis. He suggested that if I could afford it I should get Krill oil because it is even more effective than fish oil.

Then I discovered a few of our local supplement stores won't stock Krill because of sustainability concerns, so I did some reading and now I'm really confused.

Both sides of the argument seem logical and compelling so I'm not sure what to do really.

Questioning Krill Harvesting: Why Krill Oil Isn't an Eco-Friendly or Sustainable Source of Marine Omega-3 Oils

Our local supermarket stocks this brand of 'eco' krill oil: Eco Krill 1000 mg - Everyday Health - Blackmores
But given the naturalnews argument I'm wondering how much research and proof do these organisations have to claim that this is a sustainable product?

Anyone else looked into this subject?