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    Google simplefit for strength training and buy/make a pull bar
    Make an adjustible sandbag for variety
    Sprint outside or at a track
    Buy a "good" yoga dvd has a book called never gymless that is pretty good.

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    What others have said plus You Are Your Own Gym.
    KB 300
    Make or buy a sandbag as well.
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    Go for circuit training workouts so you get the strength and the cardio at once. Plus it increases you HGH naturally.

    My go to circuit workout is:

    Circuit A:
    Pull Ups
    Push ups
    One Legged squats

    Circuit B:
    Handstand push ups
    Coffee table dips

    You can do this circuit with nothing but a pull up bar. Just don't get the iron gym pull up bar, they suck!

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    For just about any body weight program, the only piece of equipment that is hard to improvise is a pull up bar. A door way model is maybe $20. Then, your house is your gym.

    Alternatively and even better, throw the front door open and head outside. Find a playground or fitness station (or whatever they are called). Run, sprint, play, balance, climb, using available equipment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by counterpuncher View Post
    Totally agree here ^ Also agree with the Convict Conditioning. You can build a really awesome (and functionally powerful) physique with no gym. Head to a playground or park nearby and use the bars they have. Focus on explosive movements and you'll get an even better workout in less time. Example:

    Plyo pull-ups
    Bar-to-chest (high) pull-ups
    Clap/Plyo push-ups
    High box jumps

    Do all of those regularly and that's all you'd need for killer workouts and you'll probably actually see better results than being in the weightroom: in both physique and power.

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    thanks guys.
    I love my kettlebell. its a 1.5 pood.
    looking for complexes for endurance, and fat loss to help with cricket.

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