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Thread: A very primal hound

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesster View Post
    Since embarking on a primal lifestyle, I have noticed a crazy amount of fat dropping off my frame, some superhuman efforts of power while pushing laden barrows up hills while at work but most notably, my lurcher's coat is the sleekest, shiniest and smoothest I have ever known it! He's been eating all of my leftovers/gristle and been getting yoghurt and cream pots to lick clean. I even went to the mirror just now to check my own hair.

    No such luck. All I saw was some hay and dried mud. *sigh*
    Same with my little doggies but your last sentence cracked me up. Last night I attended a town meeting and the neighbor sitting behind me commented on my very long, wavy pony tail ... and the bits of alfalfa stuck in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluefish View Post
    Here they are, looking particularly menacing: Attachment 10143
    Indeed, they're terrifying! LOL! Beautiful dogness (and very pretty Christmas tree).

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