I have been eating primal for a while now, and am starting to work out to get rid of the last of my beer belly, and to increase my endurance so I can enjoy playing hockey again. If you want to whole story check out my introduction post at http://www.marksdailyapple.com/forum...ml#post1024488

I am a bit limited for time so what I am thinking about doing is once a week for a sprint work out doing 20 min from the P90X plyometrics routine (too much snow, and ice outside to do sprints). And a couple of times a week I am planning on doing one, or two rounds of one of the workouts at a fast pace, so about 20-25 movements, that is why I think once through should be enough. This will also help with boredom since I will be able to do different movements depending on how I feel that day. I also take the stairs a lot at work (about 20+ flights a day), and walk 10 min to and from where I park, so that is a lot of move slowly.

I tried P90X before I went primal, but I got burnt out pretty fast, and researching some of the problems I had with P90X lead me to the Primal Blueprint. I like some of the workouts, and I do like having some structure that is why I am thinking about modifying some of the routines, and doing them at my pace without the videos. I am hoping to get some advice on working out while primal since I did try plyo last night, but only made it about 7-8min in before having to call it quits. I am not sure if I should have warmed up more first (2-3 min of jumping jacks).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.