I have been eating primal for about a year now, I have dropped about 15-20 lbs. I don't really weigh myself anymore because I am not too concerned about it. I have a bit of a gut left to work off, but at 5' 10" about 180lbs I am pretty happy. I am starting to pick up the pace with exercise since I just started playing hockey again last week, and that really helped me realize that I am quite out of shape. I am looking for some advice on building back my endurance.

Some background first. In College I was in very good shape 155lbs very low body fat worked out 3 times a week, played hockey at least twice, and was trying to add muscle but was eating very low fat. I could play 1-1.5 hour of hockey with very few spare players with no problems. After College I got a job doing field service work traveling all over western Canada, and to San Jose, and Baltimore for 2-4 weeks at a time for training. The nature of field service work on medical equipment is that you can not plan anything, you have to be ready to drop everything to fly anywhere within Canada. It is a high stress job with a very large meal allowance which started my weight gain since I couldn't plan time for hockey, I had so much for tools, and parts when I traveled that I had to put my clothes in my laptop case so no room for workout clothes, or shoes, and hotel gyms suck. Seven years of that and I was about 200lbs, and not feeling so great. I left field service for a regular 7:30-3:30 M-F job, and shortly after that found marksdailyapple.com started eating primal, and walking more, but haven't been working out yet. I should also mention that my commute to work is about an hour each way so by the time I get home, and have dinner, clean up etc I feel like relaxing for a while before heading to bed. I am working on fitting in some primal workouts, but I would like to get some recommendations on some good ways to increase my endurance so that I can keep up a little better at hockey, and I am hoping to get rid of the last bit of my beer belly.