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Thread: IFing for cyclist

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    IFing for cyclist

    Hi guys ,

    I have been experimenting with IF ing for the last 2 weeks going from 16 hr fasting to 20 hr fasting twice maybe 3 times a week.

    The hunger does not bother me but,

    I have no concentration and i would be irritable. It is definitely working.

    I dont train went i fast other than my wake up routine which is
    20min zone 1 - recovery pace on rollers
    And 10 min of stretching.

    Does anyone else feel likethis?
    Are these sensations normal or do they pass?


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    Hi Cappo, I am also a competitive/performance cyclist with a daily training schedule directed by my coach. I typically train on a 18-20 hour fast as well and here are my observations:

    1. I am only one month into the primal lifestyle.
    2. I have lost nearly 10 pounds in that time (I am down to 153 lbs)
    3. I do not have hunger during or after my training.
    4. I am consuming less than 100 g carbs per day.
    5. Irritability has been an issue for me but my overall mood and attitude seem to have improved markedly.
    6. My concentration seems even more focused than before.
    7. I do have days of intense training but my power is definitely not where it was before Primal though I am seeing that it will get better.
    8. I have never felt or looked better in my life. I am no longer a slave to hunger and that alone is worth everything else to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paleodog View Post
    I typically train on a 18-20 hour fast
    Just to check if I understood correctly: do you fast for 18 hours and then go training?

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