Good evening MDA,

Even after buying and reading the book on top of researching and attempting to maintain a Paleo approach to my health, lately I have been experiencing struggles related to my weight. In the past I haven't found it overly difficult to cut weight but that was because I would keep my calories dangerously low, while maintaining a relatively high workout regimen. I always had a mindset that if I cut weight first then I would worry about strength and power second. Even with that approach my body would never break the 200 lbs. barrier that seems to be my bane for weight loss.

Ive started a new approach to paleo after more research and time exploring the internet and other resources but i've never felt 100% certain that my approach was on the mark or on the path to paleo success. My goal is simple. Maintain my overall strength and power, while cutting my weight down to around 190 (6'1 frame). I know this will require eating enough to maintain my energy and muscle recovery, but in the last week and a half i haven't seen nor felt a significant difference in my body.

My diet runs much like this:

30 grams soy protein in the morning. (more of my wake up snack, ive started mixing coffee for a pick me up)

4 Sausage links for lunch: each @ 260 Cal. 23g Fat, 8 Satfat, 1g carbs, 12g Protein. + 1 tblsp of Extra Virgin olive oil.

4 eggs 4 slices of bacon 3 cups of spinach for dinner: eggs @ 70 cal each 4.5 fat, 1g carb, 6g Protein. Bacon @ 70 cal 7g fat, 2.5 satfat, 0 carbs, 2g Protein. Spinach @ ??

2 servings of almonds through the day.

Some fruit and salads here and there with less than a cup of whole milk.

This is my typical day. I have no problem eating the same things over and over so sticking to this is not a problem. But maybe my diet isn't diverse enough. Or maybe im just doing it wrong. Patience may be key as well.

Please critique my approach, I hate being stressed on this sort of thing and I know its counter to the primal way.